Arranging Your Mortgage

Buying a home today is an extremely attractive proposition. Interest rates are at their lowest in decades and the housing market is full of homes to suit just about any budget or family requirement... Learn More

Shave Years Off Your Mortgage

With today's low interest rates, deciding to buy a home is one of the best decisions anyone can make. Financing such a large purchase, however, often means combining savings with money borrowed... Learn More

Don't Forget About Closing Costs

Don't forget closing costs when buying a home Despite the low cost of carrying a mortgage these days, you should keep in mind “closing costs” in addition to your down payment for that dream home... Learn More

How To Match The Home You Buy

How to match the home you buy to your pocketbook. So, you've decided to take the big leap and purchase your first home. Most of us have a “dream home” tucked away at the back of our minds... Learn More

How To Save For A Down Payment

Owning your own home has a lot of payoffs, especially these days when mortgage rates are still among the lowest in 30 years. There are also many housing options available in a wide range of prices... Learn More

Mortgage Calculators

Three unique calculators (1. Mortgage payment calculator, 2. CMHC insurance calculator, 3. Land transfer tax calculator) to provide you with the figures necessary to determine your buying position... Learn More